Our goal is to offer our clients a comprehensive benefit throughout the logistics process, which is part of our portfolio of services, support in the area of foreign trade, especially designed for companies whose main corporate purpose is not the import or export of goods, although it may be required.

Our consultants include full support processes of import and export, letters of credit and financing, logistical support, international physical distribution, trading culture of different countries and even international negotiations and agreements.


Cargo insurance covers physical loss or damage to the cargo while in transit, either nationally or internationally. As an international freight forwarding agency we provide insurance for your cargo, through an associative company, no matter the cargo commodity, origin or destination.


We provide full logistics coverage including customs clearance. Through our associated customs clearance broker we provide importation and exportation services in all the modalities allowed in the Chilean customs regulations. This service includes:

  • Personalised assistance.
  • technical documentation review.
  • Physical inspection.
  • Inventory control and administration
  • Temporary Management Operations, Drawback, Replenishment of Goods Franchising, Duty Free.